Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday with a blue background with icons of different causes Thank you for helping raise $3,086,886 on Giving Tuesday!

Thank you for joining us throughout the day to see our LIVE campaign results and watch messages from charities, changemakers, and other Federal employees. You can now watch and share the recordings from the following links. 

Thank you for being the face of change and giving together on Giving Tuesday!


It’s easy, download one or more of our cause videos and share the videos as part of an office event, Commanders all call, luncheon, or other event. Share on your organization’s webpage and social media to spread awareness about the many charitable causes your coworkers can support through the CFC.

  • CFC Cause Video 1: End Poverty, Education, and Military & Veterans Services
  • CFC Cause Video 2: Housing & Shelter, Community Improvement, Global Health, and Animal Welfare
  • CFC Cause Video 3: Disaster & Crisis Response, Medical Research, Human Rights, and Environmental Protection
  • CFC Cause Video 4Arts & Humanities, Mental Wellness, Children & Family Support, and Food & Nutrition


For many charities, it's the day where they receive the largest influx of donations! Here at the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), we use #GivingTuesday to kick off our holiday season of charitable giving. #GivingTuesday is considered the most important day of the holiday giving season, and this year it is more important than ever to "Give Together on Giving Tuesday."

#GivingTuesday was established by the United Nations and NYC-based charities in 2012, and has since taken off. It always falls on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving, as a charitable response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Use the Campaign Worker Toolkit to learn more and find resources about Giving Tuesday! Raise awareness about #GivingTuesday using our graphics, social media posts, and prewritten communications to spread the word about our favorite day. 

When we come together to give together on #GivingTuesday, there's no telling the impact we can have!