Impact Statements

How far does your donation go?

Several CFC-supported charities and organizations have provided dollar statements to show the impact of your pledge! Check out some of these examples below to see how much of a difference your donation can make.

Education (week of Sept. 19)

$50     Fills a child’s backpack with school supplies, helping a new student feel ready to learn.

$91     Provides 6 months of training for a teacher in the developing world.

$120   Introduces four girls to leaders in the scientific field to develop an interest in STEM.


Global Health (week of Sept. 26)

$10     Protects a healthcare worker in Africa with a certified facemask, eye protection, and 5 pairs of sterile gloves.

$25     Restores sight for a patient with correctable blindness.

$750   Installs a solar-powered well to bring clean, safe water into a community without a sanitary water source.


Housing & Shelter (week of Oct. 3)

$18     Buys a 50 lbs. box of nails to help build a new home for a family in need.

$49     Shelters a homeless child for a week.

$80     Constructs a shelter for a refugee family.


Disaster & Crisis Response (week of Oct. 10)

$30     Trains 10 individuals to manage community risks and prepare for disasters.

$250   Outfits a firefighter with a helmet designed to protect from falling debris, injury, and extreme heat.

$600   Distributes 12 Disaster Relief Kits that contain food, clean water, medicine, and blankets.


End Poverty (week of Oct. 17)

$20     Gifts a family a flock of chicks, providing a source of nutrition and income for years to come.

$480   Buys a starting inventory of clothing for a small business.

$1,500   Supports 25 women to create and participate in Savings with Education groups.


Arts & Humanities (week of Oct. 24)

$36     Translates photo captions to honor and remember Holocaust survivors.

$50     Equips a teacher with resources to educate 150 students about major historical events.

$188   Boosts a child's confidence through 12 weeks of professional voice, dance, or acting training.


Animal Welfare (week of Oct. 31)

$25      Examines, vaccinates, and treats one rescue animal for fleas and worms.

$50      Medicates and feeds two injured wild animals for an entire month of recovery.

$100    Funds the research, production, and distribution of one report on the impacts of wild animal trafficking.


Military & Veterans Services (week of Nov. 7)

$59     Films a deployed service member reading a bedtime story and sends it to their children.

$100   Puts one of our nation's heroes in the stands of a major sporting event.


Children & Family Support (week of Nov. 14)

$50     Wraps warm, cozy blankets around 10 children displaced by conflict.

$150   Trains 10 pediatricians to identify the signs of child abuse and trauma.

$260   Provides a princess makeover for a critically ill little girl.


Food & Nutrition (week of Nov. 21)

$40     Improves farming standards with one hour of research on sustainable practices.

$45     Provides life-saving treatment for a severely undernourished child.

$50     Serves 150 nutritious meals at a school food pantry.


Human Rights (week of Dec. 5)

$50     Prints know-your-rights pamphlets for an LGBTIQ community center to distribute.

$60     Educates an entire classroom on the history of human rights.

$180   Sponsors one rescue boat to liberate 15 children from slavery in the fishing industry.


Environmental Protection (week of Dec. 12)

$20     Removes one pound of trash from the ocean.

$28     Provides 4 water testing kits to identify pollution hot spots.

$75     Offsets 1,000 pounds of carbon in the air.


Mental Wellness (week of Dec. 19)

$20     Screens 16 individuals for a mental health condition before a point of crisis.

$25     Helps teach summer camp kids how to form positive relationships

$400   Supports a whole senior community with a month of wellness classes.


Community Improvement (week of Dec. 26)

$50     Funds a daylong voter registration drive.

$150   Hosts a dance workshop for survivors of domestic abuse, boosting self-confidence through movement.

$300   Trains six court officials in sexual violence and women's rights laws.


Medical Research (week of Jan. 2)

$100   Prints 400 guides to teach caregivers how to protect children from skin cancer.

$200   Funds 2 hours of research to accelerate a cure for brain cancer.

$240   Sponsors a lab scientist for one day of disease-specific research.