2022 Peachbelt CFC Hero Award Nominees

2022 Hero award nominee badgeCongratulations to the 2022 Peachbelt CFC Hero Award Nominees!

Each year, dedicated campaign workers bring the CFC to their agencies, installations, offices, and units. Thanks to their efforts, the federal community pledges tens of millions of dollars to thousands of charitable organizations, and together, they change the world. CFC Heroes go above and beyond the requirements to bring about extraordinary results. Each of the 36 CFC zones receives nominations for CFC Heroes and submits the best of the best to be considered for the national award.

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Laren Petter - Department of Interior, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 42022 Hero Award Finalist

Lauren Petter - Department of Interior, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4

The US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4 CFC contributions increased by 17% in 2022, largely in thanks to Lauren Petter's rookie Campaign Manager efforts leading the agency's CFC!  She helped coordinate a team of Division Lead and Branch Key Workers, tracked donation and volunteer progress, organized events, promoted the CFC through emails, websites, and presentations as well as communicated with EPA management about CFC implementation.  Lauren fully embraced her role in a highly organized and enthusiastic way, leading and motivating key workers and employees with consistent and positive messaging. 


Arnitra Grandy - Veterans Administration, Carl Vinson VA Medical CenterArnitra Grandy - Veterans Administration, Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

This was the first year Arnitra Grandy served as a campaign manager for the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center.  She was responsible for developing the campaign plan as well as getting everyone in her agency involved. She organized several successful events such as the Pie in the Face Challenge, which had great attendance and results. She made sure all employees had the opportunity to learn about the CFC and made sure the weekly communications were shared with everyone.  Arnitra’s involvement and commitment helped her agency reach 143.3% participation in this year's campaign as well as a 5% increase in giving!


Richard Baker - Department of Energy, Savannah RiverRichard Baker - Department of Energy, Savannah River

Not only did Richard Baker successfully lead the DOE Savannah CFC, but as an active member of the Peachbelt LFCC he volunteered to speak multiple times at other Federal agencies on behalf of the CFC.  His universal support of the CFC helped other agencies reach their goals in 2023. Hosting several in person and virtual events in 2022, Mr. Bakers' efforts led to more than 30 charity event engagement opportunities for participating CFC Charities. Due to Mr. Bakers' enthusiasm and promotion of these events, they were fully attended by federal employees and invited charities!  Mr. Bakers' diligence and passion for the CFC were infectious. They had 260 volunteer hours and increased their giving by over 2% of their total in 2021!

Congratulations to all 2022 Hero awards nominees!